"The Segovia
        of the Stick"
There are several new projects coming out this year and into 2013. Due to my busy schedule it has taken me longer than expected. Also as opposed to the way I have worked on projects in the past, I am working on several things at once. I have found this to work best by going with my inspiration at the time. Here are the projects and the month I hope to release them.
Sticklessons.com is now up and running with several new beginner lessons coming this month. Skype will be added in the next couple months.

Celtic Waters, an all traditional Celtic song CD. There will be solo stick and some sparsely added Cello and flute parts. To be released May 2012.

Bob Culbertson Illustrates the Stick,
a beautiful full color coffee table book with photos about the Stick. Emmett's shop, Sticks, woods, inside the pickup, history and more! August 2012

Bob Culbertson is a Stick virtuoso who has spent over 30 years cultivating his unique sound.  His combination of expression, technique and musical emotion is like nothing heard before. 

Culbertson's recordings have been described as "the sound of the Stick in its purest form" because they are recorded live with only a mild touch of ambient reverb.                                 
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No name yet, a CD featuring original progressive classical with some traditional classical songs.
Early 2013

Beatles, a CD featuring about 14 Beatles songs solo on the Stick to be released in 2013.  The songs will be recorded live and videos will be posted on Stickmusic's Youtube channel as the songs are recorded throughout the next year.

Other projects are coming as they develop such as a new Blues oriented CD and Gypsy style CD.

Youtube Duets, I am working on some duets with others for Youtube. I am also working with percussionist Rick Allegria on a new 2 person live project.

As you can see along with my wonderful family I have been quite busy and appreciate your patience over the past few years!      
                                                                                                                                                       - Bob Culbertson

Celtic Waters is a collection of 17 traditional Celtic songs performed on the Stick.  This CD is now available through the Stickmusic Store

Celtic Waters is also available for digital download through Bandcamp.com!
Track 1
Dans Fisel,
Track 2
Captain O' Kane,
Track 3
Skye Boat Song,  3770K